A Special Birthday


Today is nearing the end of a very special person’s birthday (in their time zone). I never thought I would have to take time zones into daily account, but here I am thinking about time differences, geography and family.

Who’s birthday? Well it’s my step-dad’s birthday. He is my dad. 

When he and my mom started dating, they took the time to drive an extroverted, boy-crazy, teenager to colleges near and colleges far because they both cared about my future. I think I toggled between sleeping in the car, being nervous about going to these colleges and also being silly and asking questions to provoke responses from my parents.

I am not sure if I ever told them how much that meant to me then and how much their support means to me now. The time they spend listening to my heart and passions and ideas, talking about choices together, and their support was and is a very precious gift to me. 

Fast-forward ten or twelve years: We are living in different parts of the world now. As I think about David’s birthday my eyes tear up (but just a little– don’t worry!) and I want so much to spend another day with him. When I was home for a few months over Christmas 2012 I spent a lot of time on my family’s farm in Tennessee. Time and distance have really made time with my loved ones of more worth than gold, precious and treasured. Before, I confess, I took this for granted.

David, on your birthday, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite thoughts and memories of you:

You making waffles and us devouring them together on Sunday mornings before I went to church.

Our shared fondness for peanut butter and bananas. That is all I need to say about that.

Talks about guys and relationships with people. You give me insight into myself that helps me navigate life better. 

Working on the horse fence together. This was time just you and I got to share and there is a permanent fence where that memory was created. 

Fishing together at the dam on our surrogate Easter-Thanksgiving. I’m still giggling about you telling Rose she had to clean her own fish! 

I love you and I miss you and am thankful to have a dad like you. 

Sharing is Caring 😀