A Tale of Cookie Thievery


Praising God! I am humbled and beyond blessed. Through your prayers and partnership God not only provided the $600 needed for the week prior but also provided for the bulk of expenses for the year. Thank you for your prayers– they DO move mountains. 
This coming week marks the beginning of production of our first film. Behind the creation of this project are our hearts to produce a media resource that looks like it was made by the Thai people.  
The intent of the project is to inspire questions in the hearts of university aged Thai people to lead to more conversations about God. There are approximately 45,000 students here in the city of Chiang Mai. Each one representing a family and a community back in their home.
I am thrilled.
A little nervous… but mostly delighted!
This school has been a systematic step by step process of learning foundational media principles to be effective communicators. I am learning the importance of being a part of a creative and united team which can work together.  Our instructors are using their media talents to glorify God and I am so inspired to use the skills that I am learning to extend God’s Kingdom.
I want to share a project with you. Below you will find the results of a creative story assignment that I made with my teammate and friend, Alicia. The assignment was to tell a story with at least two people, having no fewer than two locations not using subtitles and using exactly fifteen slides. I hope you enjoy this silly tale of the “Cookie Snatcher”! We did unintentionally break the word rule with the first slide– but I hope you enjoy the project nonetheless! A special thank you to Adriana and Ema for helping with this photo project!

Sharing is Caring 😀