A thankful heart


Worship Drawing This Week

Beautiful incredible God. By day’s end I am exhausted! I was reminiscing today: Seth popped into our room and asked what the date was and what day was it??    I laughed. Glanced at my watch–which tells me date, day, and time, and gave him the details. A large part of my life was spent wishing time away. 
Week day countdowns were common. I desperately wished the weekends into existence faster to escape whatever mundane and under challenging task sat forebodingly before me. In school? I would BEG time to move FASTER and fantasized about already being on Christmas break, or in the summer break. Dreaming about the future and romanticizing the past. This is what I did.
Not anymore. Each day is a GIFT. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. To see all the things God is up to? I know I need to look into the present moments.

Sharing is Caring 😀