a video response instead of a word document…


Responding to the book report via video is a new endeavor for me. I am accustomed to organizing thoughts and words and creating word documents. Recently? I have been especially mesmerized and moved by movies that I have seen. Digital media can be powerful, and I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I took the book that I read and with prayer and God created a visual response? These thoughts provoked me into action, so I did just that. Click here to watch my video response.

Drawing on the beach… thinking about God… The way He grow us..

The video became a collaboration of the powerful and contemporary poem entitled, “The Vision,” by Pete Greig. This was published in his book Red Moon Rising. I combined a portion of his poem with images and videos I have taken throughout my travel to Haiti, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, and Turkey. The pictures are glimpses of the communities we were a part of during our short stays. Grassroot organizations. Diversity. Trying new things, creativity, and worship. This exercise has taken way longer than a word document response would have. However, I have really wrestled through these concepts and feel I am better for and own the information in a personal way.

The vision is Jesus. Unswerving focus on Jesus filling your heart past overflowing with love that you cannot help but give to others. Growing intimacy with Jesus that calls forth creativity and wisdom. Prayer and vision that enables radical and sustainable obedience because Jesus’ opinion of you matters the most of all.

Loving people. Who do you find yourself beside? Not another program, but how do you respond on a grassroots level? With community. Doing life with other people. Embracing EACH generation and taking the time to contextualize the Gospel to contemporary or culturally applicable language.

Prayer and worship. Let me say this again with an addition: prayer and worship married with missions and justice. These four coming together to reveal a lifestyle of worship which ushers God’s children into the fullness of Christ!  Waiting on God.  Taking time to hear Him. And then OBEYING God. Asking, seeking, engaging with the Father.

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