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School of Frontier Media. 

So what does that mean? 

Me and my wonderful neighbor! 

For six months I will be devoted to training and serving and learning how to utilize innovative visual arts to communicate the gospel with cultural relevance. Making Jesus known through media—circumnavigating not only social, cultural, linguistic barriers but also illiteracy! I will be engaging in cultural research, writing scripts, taking photographs, making movies, practicing skills, editing videos, creating presentations! After learning these skills we will be going to an unknown-at-this-time-place, and producing media relevant for those specific people and their culture!

Bringing voices to the voiceless. Promote visual peace-making. Digital media is a medium that has much power and potential. This is a language that I want to learn because with this technology and training? I want to be a part of making films that change people’s lives. Creating films that change the world. 

Would you take a moment to pray and ask God about supporting my ministry? If God says yes? click on the “Ways to Support” link on the top of the page. You can also send me an email: I love hearing from you!
Topics include:
lights, cameras, action!
videography and audio recording
visual symbolism in cross-cultural contexts
foreign language translation
field & studio photography
ethnoarts & musicethnocology
digital video editing
cross-cultural film directing
mobilization through documentaries
research and culture learning skills
indigenous media forms for evangelism.

The school is run from June-December of 2012 and is located in Chang Mai. Check out their website for more information at:

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