behind smiles… and a few other thoughts


The sound of whirring is constant; a noise steady as the heat. The periodic blast of moving air from the oscillating fan is relief but only for a quick second. 

Yah, its hot in Thailand right now. Movie theaters are frigid and afternoons often invite showers from the sky. Rainy season is here. Flip flops are an easy shoe choice because of their ability to dry quickly and kick effortlessly off your feet the instant before entering the inside of buildings and homes.
Thai people, I’m noticing, smile a lot. Thailand is called, “The Land of Smiles.” Now, as some time has passed, I am seeing behind the polite grin more pain. A person cannot smile all the time, right? My Thai language learning has not started, but soon it will. I’m looking forward to learning their beautiful, soft and tonal language with excitement and a bit of dread. Learning, especially languages, requires both humility and courage. Trying to coax new words from your tongue can be embarrassing and quite fun. 
Chiang Mai the place and YWAM the organization is a transient place for people. I am praying for deep relationships with people on the move and special ones with those who stay. People are often here for a little bit and then gone to the next place. Praying also that my heart will stay soft to invest in knowing the people here only briefly. I am BLESSED to meet as many people as I have. Sometimes when you meet certain people there is a SPARK– an instant connection and as time goes on I treasure that more and more. Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for sparkly and beautiful people, ALL the ones you have created.
And you. Yes you. I am thankful for those of you jumping in, staying, and passing through my life. You are a gift. Yup– a unique shaped box covered with polka dot paper and a big ol’ bow on top! God is incredibly, unbelievably faithful. And even when things don’t turn out the way you expect them too? You can trust God has your highest in mind. God has your absolute best in His heart. 

These are some of the beautiful ones I did documentary work with. I’m in the middle– with the big head. Hahaha! This photo was taken by my friend Matt and I did a little editing using Lightroom. 

Sharing is Caring 😀