Bible battle: Paper vs Glass


Recently I (Keegan) have been going through a mini-reawakening on the Bible front. I think that this happens every so often to most of us (unless you’re one of those super awesome people who don’t get behind on their Bible reading), and when I go through them I usually do one of two things, I either get my “real” Bible out and on some sort of central table surface (if I have one), like a coffee table, or I whip out the Bible app and re-re-re-evaluate which one I like best. And it’s never really the same way every time, sometimes it’s the paper Bible, sometimes it’s the digital one.

“I either get my “real” Bible out… or I whip out the Bible app and re-re-re-evaluate which one I like best.

My primary concern, I mean, except for all that super holy stuff like getting closer to our Father and creator of the universe, is really quite simple: longevity. I want to give a child, or grandchild of mine, my Bible, and when I do, I want it to be chock-full of notes and writing, I want it to be ripped up and damaged, I hope it’s a little waterlogged and hard to read because NIV is just “so 21st century” just like we read the KJV. I want it to be used. 

IMG_20150929_203551 (1)

But then, at the same time, I’m a pretty big believer in technology and how it can help you. The fact is, a good Bible app, if it fits you well, can drastically improve your reading habits, as well as the way you retain what you’re reading.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.30.48 PM

For instance, this time round I went back to my digital-favourite, my Faithlife/Logos app(s). These are amazing. I can make amazing notes and highlights. I can even change the formatting of the text, like having words in bold, or creating indents in the text, essentially, I can format parts of the Word the same as you would when writing up a document in a word processor. I have a digital library that has grown over time. Plus all of this follows me around, I can have it on my laptop, or my phone, and if I ever drop it in a lake somewhere, it will still all be there in the mighty “cloud”.

It’s pretty fantastic!

I even share a lot of my notes and all that online, so that Carla see’s them on her app. We can share prayer points for the day, write about what God tells us about certain passages. It’s like a digital bible study group that happens just whenever I decide to actually read my Bible!

So what do you guys use?? Are you paper all the way? Or do you use Logos or Youversion? If you’re on Faithlife, or want to read the Bible with me (digitally) why don’t we make a group so we can share what we learn in our devotionals?

Sharing is Caring 😀