but I don’t know how to play guitar.


Leading worship. Yep, I have been challenged in this season to lead worship and prayer (at different times) in this school. God has really been talking to me about what it means to worship Him. For me, I have a tendency to automatically look to normal/traditional means. What is that for me? A guitar, a song book, and someone singing and strumming. Do I sing or strum? No… not really. I don’t know how to play guitar, and don’t sing especially well. What does it mean to worship God? John Piper said that God is mostly glorified when we are mostly satisfied in Him. Isn’t that incredible? Out of our joy and love for God our hearts automatically overflow with worship. For me? While leading worship it was borrowing someone’s ipod with worship music and being a worship dj, while drawing—creating artwork—on the dry erase board.  In Psalm 96 David’s psalm speaks about a new song… does that mean singing? Writing a new song? Or does it mean meditating? Being quiet, creating something, drawing, dancing? My challenge is this: How do you worship God? What does it mean to sing a new song? 
Do you ever see God’s fingerprints when you look back at your life and the events that unfolded? I do.. This was a prayer drawing I did. God is amazing the way He weaves our lives together with others, isn’t He? 

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