Chirp! Chirp!


"Merhaba" I chirp. Curious about what the next couple of hours will be
like sitting next to this woman on the bus.

"Merhaba! Nasilsinis? (Hello! How are you?)" The cute Turkish girl
almost sings songs shyly back.

And so began our 3 hour bus ride. She is 21 and attending the
university in the city where I am living. I replay the night before
when I bought my ticket.

I almost didn't meet her! There was going to be a different bus taken
at a different time. At Amy's prompting we walked a few blocks
yesterday evening to purchase a ticket on a local bus line because it
also had a free service bus which would take me to the main bus

The woman at the desk inside the ticket sales shop asked me which seat
I would prefer? Both isle seats number 18 or 36? Back and forth I
waffled… which one would be better. I chose 18. And also happened to
have my language book with me. We talked about family. Our ages. Where
we are going. Things we hoped about in our futures.

We were also offered jobs at a tourist town by a manager also riding
on the bus during the tea break through the mountains we were

An interesting day! I am looking forward to getting to know my new
friend when she returns to university. She was surprising her parents
with a trip home! She was so sweet! Smiling I reflect about some of
the incredible people God has brought into my life these last two

My heart falls so quickly in love and is falling in love with this
culture. God has brought, is bringing, and I know will continue to
bring beautiful people into my life to know and be known by. Learning
how to love those that are different than you is such a process. It
isn't without pain, but these relationships are so worth the effort
and sacrifice.

Sharing is Caring 😀