Clouds and Dreams and Things


Whispery, feather-like and voluptuous clouds staggered across the evening sky. These airy-fluff-balls created texture and depth in their overlaps and shadows. I was in the olympic sized swimming pool and the sun was warming my skin. Being mesmerized by God’s sky was therapeutic. My mind finally stilled and the unceasing compulsion to make to-do lists yielded. I just sat. Well, I floated actually. In the pool. In awe of God.

God is so tender with me.

Living in Thailand is both a privilege and an adventure.

Week one in the office is finished. 

We went through newbie training and I have begun to settle into my role. I’m a part of the art team. Together we are creating a unique media project using fine arts and technology for a Tibetan audience. Even though I am in Thailand, I get to be a part of creating with God to reach people all over the world. I never dreamed that I could use art this way! 

Other things….
Relationships: getting to know the people I am working with here. 

Driver’s license: going through the steps to try to get this. I’ve been to the immigration office quite a few times now. Trying to be patient. Things seem to take way longer than I anticipate! 

Searching: Looking for a new place to live and for a Thai teacher.

So you guys can see the style I will be working with, here is an image of one of the pieces of artwork that was used in a previous Tibetan project. This was painted by Rachel in 20112.  So cool, right!?

Sharing is Caring 😀