Creating for the Creator


It’s now September, which means I’ve been in Thailand for about 8 months, but for some reason (that reason being abundantly clear to some), I have never been to any of the elephant camps. On my way to Mae Hong Son I caught a glimpse of some of them at work, but not close up, and no way near close enough to hitch a ride. But on Saturday that all changed! I was privileged enough to be ableto ride on my first elelephant, and it was quite the experience. After that we got to see a little show performed by a whole lot of the younger elephants, balls being kicked, painting, that sort of thing, and we ended with a buffet lunch, which had salad!!

So in general a brilliant Saturday, and after a super early, sunrise morning, filming a short on Friday, it was a nice rest. There’s not too much else to say, so instead, the pictures!

So that was my Saturday, it was a nice break, but I’m about to jump into the frying pan, so the break is certainly over! Tomorrow I leave Chiang Mai, and take a flight down to Hat Yai which is in the south of Thailand. I will be making my first film for an unreached people group. After all this time, the DTS, the FFS, this is pretty much what it all comes down to, this is why I’m here. I can’t wait! I’m so happy that my first film will be for a Thai group, after Thailand has been such an awesome second home for me. I feel as if I’m able to give back to the country. 
I will be down in southern Thailand for about three weeks total, two weeks of production, which is actually making the film, actors directors, camera, lights, you know what I’m talking about, and then a final week of post-production where we edit the film. 
But that is not the only thing I’m doing these next few weeks. On Wednesday I actually have to leave the set, and bus down into Malaysia to do my last VISA run. This will be a four day process, two days of travel. I will be going it alone, but I should be all good, and I’ll be using the time to further seek God. At least use that time for some good huh? 
But the VISA application really is a big deal, and it can be a bit worrying, it needs to pretty much perfectly. So I would most certainly appreciate any prayers! I will be needed all the help I can get. I actually don’t have enough money to pay for the FFS as well as the VISA, so because the VISA can’t not be paid, I am still going to be short. Any prayers for that would be amazing. 
These few weeks coming up are going to be very exciting, quite hard, but good nonetheless. Please pray for me while I’m actually helping make the film, and pray especially for the people we will be reaching! 

Also, the Equip2Go campaign had its first public appearance in Mexico, the picture below!:D

Sharing is Caring 😀