culture learning exercise


The rubber band was grasped tightly between both hands. Being stretched—almost to the point of breaking.  Unintelligible words flew out of foreigner’s mouth incessantly with increasing volume.
Click. Click.
At the sound of the photos being taken the rubber band snapped. Along with it? The potential of relationship. No chance of relationship now. Taking a photograph was simply unpardonable.
Each person in the classroom was assigned to one of two people groups. Group One was oriented with a fictitious culture. “Cultural norms” included rubber bands used in representing relationship potential and a newly created language. This was all unbeknownst to group Two.
When we came back together? Peculiar behavior we didn’t understand left us with many questions and great misunderstandings. How do you learn a new culture? How does the culture change? How do you prevent offense and move towards understanding?
These are all questions we are exploring and discovering. This is going to be an amazing six months. Yah!
Rambutan–delicious (and wild looking!) fruit!

Bridge decoration
Temple entryway

Close up. So much detail. So much beauty.

Dragon heads at a temple.

Me, Un Jung and Alicia at welcome dinner!

Horse sculpture made of wood.

Sharing is Caring 😀