Dumb Movies and Pancakes


Amy and I had just finished watching a movie.
A really dumb movie.
One that I picked out. Of course. This was called ‘Once in Paris’ or something to that effect. The movie was rife with shallow characters, poor acting, and time travel. The WORST part? The hugely mismatched lead couple in the film who were about to get married and DIDN’T even like each other! I had read the back quickly and thought it said something like… “A couple rethinks their relationship after spending time in Paris.”
Being both a romantic and one who enjoys traveling? I thought, “ohhh perfect!”
Now, don’t get me wrong. I am sure the world needs some movies like this, but not for me. Before this Amy and I had ventured out to get some internet. I wanted to let everyone know I was okay.
Highlights? Well, since you asked *wink*I’ll tell you!
We took the most enjoyable trolley ride to old city! It was wooden,  rode on tracks, had a slight creaking wooden sound and was warm. Bizarre. Beautiful. So wonderful!
Running by the sea.
Amy made pancake-crepes for breakfast! MMMM!!!!
I’m reflecting on the things that I am usually quite confident doing in my life. Like what?
Buying groceries. Selecting a phone plan. Getting internet. Making a phone call. Reading labels. And? Now, in a new and foreign place they are SUCH victories! Learning more patience…. (I’m tired of this lesson!). Perseverance and diligence are two important words in my vocabulary right now. Some things, like making friends open up easily before me. Yet others– like getting groceries or getting on the right bus? Not as simple. Its all good. God continues to rock  my socks off.
I miss you guys! 

Sharing is Caring 😀