Empowering Not Coddling


I invested 15 minutes to listen to this TED talk with Meg Jay. Initially I was offended. I’m in my late twenties and making eye contact with thirty. I LIKE when people say, “Your thirties are the new twenties.” But she CHALLENGES that our twenties are serious time for exploration yet they MATTER. Your decisions DO count.  Her #1 tip was my favorite. Her heart is to empower not coddle.

1. Forget about the identity crisis you are having. Get identity capital. Jay prompts to INVEST in who you will be next. Go ahead. I dare you. DREAM big. Take a step, a class, or even a risk.

2. Diversify your friendships. Statistically new relationships and new jobs come from “weak ties”. Like the job you get through your workout buddy’s boss. This isn’t cheating but utilizing the relationships you have. Don’t hide behind the people that seem the same to you– hang out with others that have different ideas and goals, different ages.

3. The time to start choosing your family is now. Jay challenges twenty-somethings not to date-down, or goof around in relationships. Choose your significant other with the same thoughtfulness and intentionality as a career.

If you don’t agree its okay. I was inspired. My prayer for you is that this could be a catalyst to unlocking and releasing your great ideas and efforts and the way you live your life now.

Sharing is Caring 😀