enjoying the journey


Enjoying the journey. I’m a romantic. Ohhhh… I adore a good love story! I get all gooey thinking about God’s love.  Happily ever afters?  Yes.
Street light I enjoyed seeing and wanted to share with you
The ugly duckling growing into a beautiful swan? Mmm-hmmm.
I can get quite excited about the destination. You know, the goal you are WORKING, striving and aspiring towards. And being highly visual? Those GOAL images I create in my mind can become extremely enticing! 
Often I can almost TASTE them! The romantic in me can fall in love with an end idea…which may or may not be a reality. Having goals, in my opinion, is great! I find writing down my goals to be a great way to begin taking actual steps towards them. Writing dreams down helps you figure out which way you are going to go!
Do you write your goals down? Sometimes that can be a wee bit intimidating, huh?
My next thought for you is this: For that goal. That destination. Your vision. Have you sacrificed, often daily, for that INCREDIBLE end goal?
You want so badly to coax that dream into reality, right? Perhaps you gave up time with family and friends, opportunities in your career for THAT goal you were working towards. Only, perhaps it didn’t quite measure up to your expectations? 
Or maybe wasn’t what you wanted at all? Only you couldn’t see that until you got there. To the end. To the goal. 
That can be so disappointing! The cost of the sacrifices or investments you’ve made can be frustrating and expensive.
So why am I talking about dreams and perhaps working too hard to make them happen?
Well, lately God has been talking to me about enjoying the journey. Having goals and aspirations yes. Absolutely!! (Please keep dreaming big dreams!)
A question I have for you is this:
What happens when the goal you have and the journey you are on are held in tandem to one another?

A partnership.
Enjoying every day and moving towards your goal.
A trap I often fall into is comparison. I will measure my success or progress against other people (known and unknown) instead of against myself and how far I have come.  The latter is the only true measurement. We don’t really know all the struggles or joys other people have in their lives. And I submit to you that it is therefore not a true measurement. Too many unknowns!
What does it mean to be the best you? The you God created you to be. Not a “better” version of your competitive friend or anyone else in your life that seems comparable. But being the BEST you.
What are the things you enjoy in your life? Are you taking the time to find the joy in everyday? It is there!  Keep dreaming but I challenge you not at the cost of your every day.
Big hugs and high fives!
A nice reflection…

Sharing is Caring 😀