Everyone Likes Clean Toilets, right??


Saying goodbye to Create India and Returning to Thailand
Weird title. I know. Did it grab your attention? Like a shiny red book from an otherwise drab looking bookcase? I’ve cleaned many a toilets in my day. And? My cleaning mentor Denise Brown taught me well. I’m not exclusively focusing on toilet cleaning today but I get there. Please read on if you are curious.
This morning I found myself returned to lovely Chiang Mai, Thailand. Actually? I was a little grumpy. There I was on an overnight bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, sleeping. Then into my dream crept this wildly loud Thai music. And it would NOT stop playing! I wanted with everything in me to be able to hit a “snooze button” somewhere and receive additional sleep. There was no snooze button and the bus stewardess promptly handed me my belongings from the overhead bin. Time to wake up. Okay!
Late September to the end of October was a one month adventure in India. I am working with a team helping create an evangelistic film for people living in Northern India. Now being back in Thailand with time AND internet I was able to read some emails and do a little online surfing.  From this time I am owning two thoughts today: learning tenacity in commitments to small change over time and choosing enthusiastic about my work.
Today I was reading a blog entry by Mario Mattei titled, “One Path to Unlocking Your Potential”. Mario shared about hearing a pastor once say, “Young people expect too much too soon and don’t expect enough in the long run.”  Mario confessed he was guilty of this thinking and I admit I am as well. When I read this I was FLOORED. I’m thinking of my mile long to-do lists made with the best of intentions. These are lists that I couldn’t possible accomplish! Do you have these too? I’m torn by the satisfaction of checking things off the list and the guilt of never finishing. 
Mario offered a different principle: choose instead to have consistent, unceasing commitment to small improvements over time. This belief facilitates action and promotes endurance. He offered a practical application. Ready? Every time you create be intentional about learning one new thing and making one improvement. (If you want to read more of Mario’s blog click here). This can be with creative projects, your homework, dieting, exercise… anything. Small steps over time can take you a long way. 
Also, in my email box I got a devotional today. The title is “Daily Hope” by Rick Warren.  The scripture chosen today was in Ecclesiastes, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” (Ecclesiastes 9:10a NIV)

Rick went on to say that enthusiasm is not about the fun level or the amount of money you make, rather based on the WHY you are doing what you do. The word “enthusiasm” is derived from a Greek word, “en theos” which translates into, “in God”. Why are you doing your work? Is it for God?

With each thing I create and do with my hands I pray that I would have God at the very heart of it. Each of us can experience, “the daily grind”. You know what that thing is for you– dirty socks need washed and grocery shopping is a necessity. What about scrubbing the toilet? Not my favorite thing to do, but I love a clean bathroom!  These things we do every day have the potential to feel boring, right? I feel compelled to look to God in those exact moments and find His enthusiasm. 

Sharing is Caring 😀