excuse me? you dropped something…


There is a market here on Sundays. I went with friends Lara, Amy, Megan and Jordan. We were walking around looking at all there is to see. We are outside, and there is a gentle breeze. Sunglasses, underwear, fruits, vegetables, anything you could want.

I’m holding my slip of paper that I am beginning to collect bits of Turkish language on: numbers, hello, how much does this cost, ect. I’m practicing Turkish counting in my head. Beer. One. Eekie. Two

“Excuse me! You dropped something!”

I look down quickly and examine the ground around me before glancing up at the vendor with confusion having not seen anything on the dirt ground.

“You dropped my heart.” Smile. Wink.

Ohhh, Sunday market! Classes begin tomorrow!

God has been talking to me a lot about lions. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. God’s protection and His tenderness, His love. This is the drawing I did during church service this morning. Drawing often helps me listen. The pastor linked discipleship with apprenticeship. Having gone through a pottery apprenticeship in college I can relate to this… living and walking out the things you learn. Hmmm…

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