Failure!?! Gulp!


An absolute necessity in learning is extending permission to fail to yourself. How else do you learn except through discovery and doing? I’m new at editing video and sometimes I stress myself out about that. No, no one does this to me—I do this to myself. While editing I had two separate video clips that had colors different enough to jar myself out of my watching pleasure. In my attempt to not make a mistake, out of fear of failing, I only made minor adjustments. I was not satisfied, but I didn’t know what to do.
Eating an apple-slice while work.
A friend and fellow teammate sitting beside me shared with me, “I make adjustments from one extreme to the other so I can really SEE what each adjustment does.”
Why not?
Why not try and explore and allow yourself to make some mistakes?  How else will you learn?
I’m taking a deep breath. Exhaling. And continuing to learn, make mistakes, and learn some more each and every day. 
A sticky-note reminder I keep on my computer.

Sharing is Caring 😀