Create Thailand

SFM Classroom

The students spend close to three months, most mornings, in the classroom. So when you’re praying for Keegan, there’s a good chance he’s standing in this room!


We get plenty of guests coming through the office, checking the rooms out, asking questions and all that jazz. This is usually a great time to tell them about what God is doing around the world, and how supporters like you are getting behind us to see the very least reached nations come to know about the Lord.

This is also our production room, where all the movie making magic happens! Keegan spends one half of the year in this room 😀

Lunch time!

We are blessed to have many places to eat near Create. But this is definately our favoutie

Celebrating our loved ones

In this particular photo we’re welcoming back our ministry leader, and saying goodbye to one of the amazing interns we had.

We love to celebrate successes at Create, and we’ll take any excuse to go have some nice coffee together.


Every Monday, before the week starts, we get together for worship. recently this has included many of the local missionaries from around the city, as well as all of Create