Filmmaking and Soul Searching


Because life isn’t as simple as one would think, things don’t happen in boxes. As such, I cannot separate two seemingly separate events in my life into different posts. Therefore, this post has two parts, sorry for any inconvenience!

Part 01: Filmmaking

So this year is really working itself out quite fast, the FFS has already started! For those just tuning in, the Frontier Filmmaking Seminar is a six week long seminar that Create is running for any Christian who wants to know more about the filmmaking process when it comes to making films for the propose of reaching unreached people groups for Christ. It’s a YWAM six month course (the SFM) condensed down to just six weeks, available to anyone. I’m doing it in order to learn how Create creates their films, the process, the hardware, the software etc. But also to see how God works through them to accomplish such a task. I have seen God move when sharing these films, and how it impacts those who watch, them, but I don’t know how He is involved during the actual process of creating the film, which means I have a lot to learn!

During the course we cover subjects such as;

Culture and Communication, photography, scripting, video, cinematography, lighting, directing, audio, editing in Final Cut Pro, and pipeline in Bulletproof.

The lecture phase covers three weeks of the course, afterwhich we will be spending two weeks in Southern Thailand going on outreach to create a film for a people group in that area.

The whole seminar seems to be completely packed, which is exciting, and I am definitely going to be learning a fair amount, as well as stretching myself spiritually as I wait on God for things I would usually just rush in and do myself. I’m certainly grateful already for having done the DTS before coming here.

On the weekend we had our orientation which was great, we took all the new guys around a marketplace here in Chiang Mai on Saturday, and then when to the Buatong Waterfalls on Sunday.
These waterfalls are of special interest because you can climb up them! The rocks have formed in such a way, and made of a type of rock, which allows you to have a very tight grip, even under water. This was rather unusual, but made for some great fun, and some very interesting photographs!

I will be attempting to take as many photos of the FFS as possible, and posting them, as usual, on Google+, I will put the link here -> FFS Photos.

Part 02: Soul Searching

I really appreciate the prayers of those who have been praying for me over these last few weeks, both as I raise funds for FFS, but also just in general. After DTS finished and I went into Create as staff, I found it relatively easy to slot into the workload, even living in Thailand had become rather easy. But as time went on, I was finding it harder to connect with God, finding myself preferring to skip out on devotional time in the mornings, and completely stopped prayer at night. In general, I started to slip back into habits that I had formed during my time at Uni, and it was worrying me. I feel as if right now I am beginning to come out of that, about a week and a half ago, I restarted my devotionals, which seem to play a huge part in my day. Furthermore I have “picked up my sword” so to speak, as I know that, for a time, I had almost given up on this whole missions business. I have begun to trust on God more (again?), on a daily basis, which was really what was driving me away from Him.

On Saturday we had YWAM connect where YWAMs ministries around Chiang Mai come together for worship, food, and general business and such. This time they decided to just focus on worship. During that worship, I really felt the conviction of God, and I found myself on my chair after only a few songs.

So a bit of context to this next part;

Point one: Often I think what people want when they meet our Lord is to hear “well done, good and faithful servant” (Matt 25:23) and don’t get me wrong, I want that too. But for the longest of times the thought that has always occupied my mind, in regard to meeting God, is a specific scene. In this scene I am sitting on a cliff, and below me is land stretched out into the distance, and I can see the sea, and rivers, and forest, and cities, and mudhuts, and humanity all condensed within view. And beside me sits my God, and nothing happens. We just sit. And that is all I want in heaven, just to sit with God.

Point two: During worship I often find my mind drifting off. I find that focusing on imagery in my mind helps me focus on God, and allows me to get “to that place” where you can really worship. So when I can’t seem to focus I sometimes focus on the scene described above.

So back to worship time at YWAM Connect. Quite suddenly I find myself in the scene, without thinking about it, but it’s quite deferent. I find myself very much spooked, as everyone seems to disappear in the room, and I find the person who usually sits next to me, two seats down the row. And He turns to me, and He asks me permission to come close! He asks me if I even want Him there. Needless to say I must have looked like a complete mess that night…

I would say that this is the first time I have really had such a strong vision before, I very much hope I don’t forget the lesson I learnt during this time struggling with my faith, with my calling, and with my trust in the Lord.

Please continue to pray for me as I seek a closer relationship with God, and as I trust in Him for the rest of my finances for FFS. Thank you again for all of those who have been praying!

Sharing is Caring 😀