Final Cuppies!


Nothing like some white icing, a few food coloring colors and a good friend to make cupcakes with on their birthday!

As I was spreading frosting on these little cakes I was thinking about a verse I read in 1 Corinthians 13. Three little words. Ready for them?

Love never fails.

Wow. The weight of that statement is profound. Paul wrote these words while he was encouraging the church in Corinth.

Love never fails.

Can you imagine the difference in a person’s actions if they lived in a way that acted those words out? I find that love according to and defined by God is different than the love I’ve know and experienced in the world. God’s love in others makes their love DEEPER. Bigger. Bolder.

Loving a person is powerful.

I’m finding love to be an action. A wild verb. A beautiful, hard and worthy activity. Loving others. Loving those who are different than you.

Me and Amanda 

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