First day of the School of Frontier Media… check


Wow!! The day finally arrived, went well, and then…. well yeah that’s pretty much it!? It’s a bit odd how these milestones dominate entire months of planning, and when it goes well, it’s just, well good? I mean, no fireworks (this year…what about next year…?), and thankfully no surprises, so the day was “good”!

And jeepers am I grateful for that!

I wanted to say thank you for those who have been supporting me and in-so-doing, the SFM, and schooling at Create in general. Without your prayer, the schools wouldn’t even run, let alone go so well. You are increasing the Kingdom, one effective ministry-to-be at a time. For that, I cannot say thank you enough!


– Keegan

Sharing is Caring 😀