For Real


Everyone likes affirmation and attaboys. We all do. We’re people. For those individuals who are people pleasers or attention seekers, that kind of attention can be especially intoxicating. Dangerous might be a better description? That slippery sort of dangerous. Attention can lead those of us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. I know because I am a recovering people pleaser. This sort of recovery doesn’t come from focusing on people. For me this comes from learning about pleasing God. 
I’m scared. A bit. 

But I’m finding courage enough to share my story. This isn’t for the person who has their life together. For those perfect few who cannot relate to those who have experienced heartache, loneliness, terror in illogical decisions made, mistakes, drugs, sex, or the absolute necessity of second chances. Actually, you are the ones who frighten me the most. Or you used to. This is for those who think they’re “too.” Too broken, too screwed up, ugly, jealous, full of shame and regret, hate, mistakes, addictions, scared, or small. 

I am committing to sharing my story with you, one post at a time. The pretty, messy, real story. I also want to tell you you’re not “too” anything. Jesus says your enough, in fact, he gave his very life for you. You are not beyond his forgiveness, his mercy, or his grace. I promise. You are not too far gone.

Born in ideas and conversations, experiences, questions, observations and broken hearts this blog is about God, me, second chances, grace, reality. In the pages I hope you find encouragement. I hope you are reminded that you’re not alone. And I hope you are inspired you to dream bigger.  

I don’t have it all together, nor do I pretend that I do. But, God has given my life purpose and meaning. God has given me identity. 

Sharing is Caring 😀