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My name is Carla. I am a girl from Nashville, Tennessee following after God. This has taken me around the world a few times and now to a place in Southeast Asia: Thailand.

I believe sharing God’s love happens in that space where lives overlap. I want to live authentically. I want to dare to be vulnerable.I want to do life WITH people. I want to share God’s love and continue dreaming bigger with God.

In Thailand I serve with YWAM. I am sharing God, loving others, learning about culture and language, forming relationships, taking photos, making media, and studying counseling. I am also a potter that likes to get her hands dirty when I have the time!

Let’s not be too easily pleased. Let’s courageously trust God, and dare to love boldly. Read more on my blog:

Carla’s Blog


My name is Keegan West. Currently I’m a full time volunteer in Thailand working with Create International.

I have a number of interests revolving around, for the most part, digital media. My passions lie in cinematography, photography, and 3D animation with a focus on lighting, rendering, and compositing. I also am involved in motion graphics, digital effects, film making in general, a bit of design, and editing.

‚ÄčThese skills, though, I only have because I desire to see peoples who have not heard of the love, mercy, grace, and salvation of Jesus Christ, reached, for the glory of God. I want my passions and skills to be focused on bringing Christ glory, and accelerating the extension of His kingdom on Earth.

I have the best life because I am being used by God in media and art to reach peoples through volunteering at Create here in Thailand. This is amazing. We have a good God, and I’m very thankful I can serve Him in such a way.


Together, we are now the West family! How crazy is that!?

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