getting ahead of myself…


Do you ever get ahead of yourself? 
I feel like I am waiting for my heart to catch up with me in Turkey. I imagine myself sitting on a bench beside a road– like you do when you are waiting for a bus to come. I’m imagining a juice box in my hand and my feet gently swinging back and forth– not quite touching the ground. Waiting to catch up with myself.
Then there are these incredible sweet moments I get to see. In Turkey a grandfather recording his little granddaughter playing on the exercise machine in the park using his cell phone. This older man is wearing a brown jogging suit and holding the cell phone an arm’s length away from himself recording his little one. His granddaughter is proudly marching in place wearing a HUGE smile, warm sweater and bright pink stretch pants (much like the ones I wore when I was her age!). 
Then a little cat POUNCE ontop of another while I was jogging—this made me laugh out loud! They were so mischievousness.  As I adjust to being in Turkey these normal-feeling things help me to feel more at home and lets my heart know that it is in the right place. God is SO good.

Sharing is Caring 😀