glow worms, pancake rocks, and spagetti dinners–what a weekend!


On Saturday the AW80 group went on an overnight weekend trip to the West Coast! We traveled to Punakaiki in New Zealand via van caravan. The day was so FULL of fun and naps (I do so enjoy a good nap in a moving vehicle—when I am not the driver!).  I also managed to read my book for my book report (due tomorrow!)
The first stop when we reached our destination was to see the pancake rocks. These literally look like pancakes stacked together from the way the wind and water has eroded the stone throughout time.  Attached to the rocks was seaweed like I have never seen before. They looked like hair plugs waving around in the water—they were wild! I found one washed up on the beach and found it to be quite ominous looking. Then we spent time on the beach (OUCH! Look out for sand flies! These fellas are PESKY and their bites are SO itchy!!). Then we fellowshipped together as we prepared dinner. A few people also staying from the hostel came and had dinner with us And after eating a DELICIOUS dinner of spaghetti and vegetarian sauce, we watched the sunset. Oh! It was BREATHTAKING!
After that? I know the day kept unfolding in exciting and new ways! We went into a CAVE that had GLOW WORMS in it—they shone so brightly on the cave ceiling like mini constellations when we turned our heard lamps off.  We sang a song in the cave and the sound was SO beautiful.  
EVERYWHERE I looked? There was such splendor—all testifying to God’s goodness and creativity. WOW! The ocean, the plants, the mountains, the rocks, the sand… it was all gorgeous.
After going into the cave? We had a BONFIRE on the beach! The next morning I helped make pancakes with Becky, Deni, and Sarah. This was quite hilarious—cooking for so many people! Being in the hostel felt more like being at home.  Sarah and I cooked together and had a running pancake commentary. So good to have fun—thank you Lord!

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