God is good with the small things.


People often ask how the heck I am able to stay in Thailand, and I always say that God provides, He keeps His promises and we don’t go in need while we serve Him, He is full of blessings. And wow, the past few days I have certainly been blessed! So much so, I felt it good to write another post, I’ll show you why! The past few days I have received:

Jandals (sandals, thongs (shudder), flip-flops)
4 shirts
Washing powder and detergent of many kinds
Softner for my clothes
Raro juice
A tonne of noodles
a new tooth brush
a pack chubabubs to share with the house
A number of various large noodles/pastas (different from the other box)
A stickywhitebreadthing (my name) – which tastes good
Bacon, that’s freaking right, BACON!!!

Plus, the house got a:
New bin for the kitchen (whoooop!!)
Miscellaneous food supplies to compliment our dinners

Jeepers creepers right!!

Right now the house is also praying for a new couch, some lamps, and floor mats. If you’d like, feel free to help us pray!

I am also super excited to see how God moves in the next few days regarding my Visa run. I need to make the run on the 25th and I have none of the money for it, so keen for that, but will keep this up to date. I am adamant that I’m going to keep this blog running.

All glory and honour to Him.


The pictures don’t really have anything to do with the past few days. They are some of the guys we met whilst on Fang outreach, and they also live by faith, and I just thought of them whilst writing this, true heroes of the faith!

Sharing is Caring 😀