good, bad… maybe just different?


As I learn more about this Turkish culture? I find myself in a unique place. Traveling and volunteering throughout Southeast Asia, Israel, Egypt, and Greece all gave me a glimpses into different cultures and ways of life. When I encounter approaches to life which are new? I no longer feel qualified to assign it a value to evaluate something as being good or bad.

Sure, some things are easy to evaluate: poverty? That’s no good. Human Trafficking? Also not good. These are activities that undermine and remove worth from human lives. But, what about covering your shoulders in more modest cultures?
Is it Good? Or is it bad? For me a tank top doesn’t have any underlying negative connotations coming from a Western background.  However, in more conservative cultures it communicates something different.
Again, good? Bad? Or maybe Just different?

There isn’t a compulsion that I have now to assign differences a value, but an openness to learn about this place. The more I learn about other places? The more I learn about myself.
God is so good!

Sharing is Caring 😀