goodbyes are hard to do!


This is a pot at St. John’s Church located in Ephesus!
School ended on Friday. This course has taught me so much about God and other cultures and loving people in ways they can understand. Saturday was heart wrenching as I said goodbye to my fellow students and friends. I was thankful that I had stayed and wasn’t having to pack and sort and get ready to go… until the waves of goodbyes began. We had groups leaving at 9AM, then again at 1PM, and AGAIN at 7PM. I shed many tears.  You see, I have fallen in love with each and every one of them so even saying, “see you later!” was not an easy task. 
Glimpse into photograph rational: I didn’t feel like I had any photos that captured the raw emotion that is evoked when you are saying goodbye to someone that you are not sure if or when you will see again. So? I thought I would post 2 photos from a trip to Ephesus. 
Floor plan of St. John’s Church

This season has been one full of learning, studying, applying, and exploring. A sweet time. I will be back in Tennessee from the end of December to the end of January! My heart is overflowing with joy about seeing family and friends while I am back stateside!

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