Happy Father’s Day!


Today is a special day for me because of a special man in my life. My dad. David. Most people don’t call their dad’s by their first name. David became my dad many years ago. When David and my Mom began dating? I have a series of crisp memories strung together when they both took me to visit art colleges while I was in high school. Not just one or two but EVERY art college in the area. And some quite far away. I felt SO special and loved. Encouraged. Valued. That was when I realized that David wasn’t just dating my Mom, but he really cared about me too.  Both David and my Mom were committed to helping their young daughter become who she was meant to be. Thank you David for being an incredible father.
Today I say, “Happiest Father’s day to you David!!” Honestly? I’m finding my heart sad today.  I want to bring you an ice cream cake because I know you love ice cream. And I want to (try!) to talk you into a horse ride with me on your special day. I find it hard to be so far away from you all, my amazing family. I love you. I wanted to share this memory with you today. Giggles come when I think about it and in my mind’s eye I can still see you laughing!

An Memory of Creative Communication

In high school I was quite a social butterfly. Even more than I am now. The jewelry department at our local Walmart saw me often as I worked there while going to high school. Being part time I almost always worked Friday nights. Often I liked to stack a Friday-night-outing on top of my work commitment.  Okay, that is a lie. I ALWAYS liked to do something with friends after work on Fridays!
One night I arrived home, late, probably a Friday. Put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, flipped off the light switch and hopped into bed. Now, in order to be comfy? I would sleep on my side. I tucked a sheet or blanket on top of me so that I would feel snuggled in. Then I would cradle my pillow to the side of my face by sliding one arm underneath my super soft pillow. Why am I telling you this? Well, that night there was SOMETHING UNDER MY PILLOW!
This hard and angular object should NOT have been in my bed with me! I violently LAUNCHED myself out of my bed tangled in my sheet. Then I desperately stumbled to the light on the wall and SLAMMED the light on with the palm of my hand. Breathing heavy. Now wildly awake. I was ready to take on whatever this intruder was!
I HAD just watched a violent alien movie… Was it an alien?
No. Definitely not an alien. Too small.
I flipped the flower patterned pillow back and..
An ice cube tray?!?!
What…? But HOW did it get there? 
Was our house haunted? I have a WILD imagination sometimes! After a few deep breaths and realizing no harm would come to me from this ice cube tray I decided to just go to bed.
The next morning? David GIGGLED as I retold the story of the misplaced ice cube tray over breakfast. Guess who put the ice cube tray under my pillow? Yep, you got it. David. My dad. As it turns out for some time I had not been refilling the tray as I used the ice cubes! Oh that David–  I love his humor AND creativity! To this day? I am faithful at refilling ice cube trays when I use ice cubes! 
David leads by example. His life walked out before me has been one full of integrity. When David gives his word? Whatever he says is as good as done. He exudes steadfastness. Whether coaxing a magnificent wood creation out of an old piece of barn wood or planning a family vacation? David is diligent about proactively taking the necessary steps to get to the decided destination. The requirement of invested time does not deter him. David is passionate about continued education. He has never stopped learning or reading. Both his self-discipline and ability to teach himself inspire me to expect more from myself.
We all have influence. And we are all unique. Thank you for nurturing, guiding, asking hard questions and leading me to become the woman I was created to be. Thank you for inspiring me to learn and grow.
Happy Father’s Day to my dad, David. I love you.
And Happy Father’s Day to all the other father’s out there!  

Sharing is Caring 😀