Having Many Irons in the Fire


Apparently, “having many irons in the fire” is a synonym for being busy. My fourth day at Create was like that. Today was quite a prestigious day for all of those involved in the creation of the WorkbooksPioneer venture that is the birthchild of the great mind of Sarah. Today we picked up the coloured, bound, up-to-date, new books from their first print. Freaking awesome. They came out very well if I do say so myself, and the covers that we created earlier last week have come out quite nice. On the shelf, all fancy-like, it brings smiles.Following such a victorious occasion we had coffee at Sojo’s, I had a hot mocha with cream! My word, made me miss home. 

But that was not to be the end of my day! I seated my posterior behind a glowscreenofawesomeness today to officially start editing a project Create is coming to an end with, the secretprojectwecan’ttalkabout. First day with Final Cut Pro, first day with Motion, first day seeing Sarah wear her dog like a mother carries a child with the straps on the front and everything. It was a day of firsts.

So to catch up on my horrible absence….(turns out blogging each day is dumb because I’m not that interesting). On Monday I moved rooms, and Roy and myself are in a room together across the vast abyss that is the upstairs hallway. It’s quite nice, we have a lamp. Roy will be doing the Visual Arts for Missions in a week or so, so he won’t always be so confined to said room, but for now it’s been good. We also have a boarder run, my first organizing one, and a first destination-wise for Create, so that will be an adventure… Monday was also my first day at Create, first day in full-time missions, first time out of an education system. I was stoked to say the least. Up until now I have been making myself useful for those around the office, and researching for secretprojectwecan’ttalkabout. 

Today Megan graduated her DTS. I’m so proud of that girl, and very sorry that I couldn’t be there for her big day. I know that God has changed her immensely, and will continue to lead her through her life, the adventure is just beginning with that one. Missing you gal.

Below is our collection of new books, and Roy and myself, with the smolder.

So a bit all over the place, but like I said, I’ve had many irons in the fire….

Sharing is Caring 😀