How God filled an empty space in our new home


I have a wonderful story of provision for you! This is Keegan by the way, I’m the one in Thailand!

A number of weeks ago I told a friend that we would buy some BBQ tongs from him before he leaves Thailand. A few days ago it came time to pick them up! The problem was, I have been so busy (and of course my friend is moving so he’s very busy), and we could never find a time to meet. He had told me that he had a few more things to give, so I thought, okay, he’ll maybe have a few odds-and-ends that they’ve found in the house.

Then yesterday came. He told me that he had dropped off the stuff outside my house, which was awesome, because I wasn’t able to meet him that day. I came home, and “HOLY MOLEY!!” There’s this huge pile of stuff for us! In it I found nice big salt and pepper shakers, spray paint for Carla’s art, the BBG tools, even a huge jar of vegemite, plus a tonne of other stuff! And it was in nice plastic boxes! I couldn’t believe the way we had been blessed!




I took the things into my house, and of course I’m messaging Carla (and my mom), about all the wonderful things we were blessed with. Then suddenly, about five minutes after moving the gifts inside, I’m sharing this picture with them:




I realize that all this stuff was sitting on a table!?


From the very first day of moving into our new house we have been praying for a dining room table so we can invite other people over, and not make them sit on the floor so much. They aren’t particularly cheap, so we spent the extra money we had on a mattress for the single bed we have. And then suddenly, yesterday this table quite literally turns up on our doorstep!



We have such amazing friends, and it’s amazing provision and grace shown when other people on the field helping us. Just shows the power of our God’s provision, as well as the power of giving and helping others 🙂

Just a little story from this side of the world.


Sharing is Caring 😀