I Don’t Swoon Often


I’m at Create International!?

So it’s 1:12am (finished at 2…) in the morning, and I struggle to find peace between my forehead and cheeks. I just went and saw the new Superman film. Very good, soundtrack was amazing, cinematography gets good ups, the speed, the energy, it was great. Even the character development and story was good, certainly a lot better than I expected. But the film, or it’s soundtrack which has permeated our little room here for the past two hours is not what keeps me from sheetland. It’s the fact that I’m actually here at Create??

You know, it took a while to even get here, and now that I’m here it’s just, odd. Odd? No, not the right word, but I find it hard to describe just what it is. Coming up to five years ago now was when I met A and D from Create Emerge. They were making their way down NZ, and popped into my youth group at Knox. I don’t even remember what it is they talked about. The reason I went was because I was reading my way through the “Christian Heroes: Then and Now” series, and I knew that YWAM was the company that published them. When I heard that some people from YWAM were coming, I went along expecting something related to the books. Odd, looking back. But the people in front of me instead described who they were, and what they did (I think). At least at some point they must of, because I was instantly intrigued. Media and missions, together? That was a thing? How the heck can a starving African, or a struggling Chinese kid needs be met by film or cartoons? And yet somehow, these people worked in this niche, obscure at the time in details, but clear in the fact that it seems just the fit for myself.

I then went on to finish the year, then finish my last year of College, all the while keeping in contact with my new friends. In 2010 I was asked to write for their blog, the post is here: Emerge Post

They went all over the place, exotic strange places, and then what? Sat in front of computer screens? And apparently the later was the hard part?? Two years at Lifeway then taught me that, yes, sitting in those seats sure can take it’s toll. And then, then DTS? And suddenly four and a half years had past? I had done three parts of a four-part plan. Two and half years of a three year plan. It is strange looking back. I went through multiple different distractions, and yet God has me where He told me I’d be all those years back. Not design, not straight into the animation industry, not straight into missions. But just here, mid-way through 2013. Staffing with Create. And working in a project with a people group that has enthralled me since highschool. I am very much looking forward to these next few months. I am hoping to find revelation on what happens after Christmas. The plan ends in December, then what?

It could be the moon that is keeping me up…?

New Zealand is waking up about now. My family in Wellington has been hit, along with everyone there, by a massive storm. Pray for safety, and that good will come out of it. That people will meet and help neighbors they never talked to before, that communities would come together to tackle the job of fixing up, that schools would re-open, that normal life would return, and that people would come closer to God now that they’ve had a little time away from their little screens. Mine of which will be now turning off.


Go see Superman on the big screen, it’s better.


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