I Will… Though I Do Not Know The Way


Command and teach these things. 
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, 
but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 
1 Timothy 4:11-12
Hey guys!
So the above scripture has been quite important this past week or so (and will continue to be important, along with the rest of the fourth chapter of 1 Timothy) because it is one of a number of things that influenced my decision in saying yes to a particularly big decision recently put to me. Namely, saying yes to leading the School of Frontier Media for the following two years here in Thailand. 
I will be honest, my initial response was a mixture between laughing and eughfebleg!ueghhtf!? Primarily because it was such a shock… I mean, who in the world saw that coming…? But after some prayer and council, some amazing revelation from God, as well as confirmation from some, admittedly, surprising places, I ended up doing the craziest thing I’ve done all year, and said yes.
I wish I could write all that went through my mind during the preceding weeks and that night, but it would make this post awfully long. That being said I want to tell you a number of the most interesting/odd things that come to mind! One very odd thing was the phrase;
“I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way”
It has been constant voice in my mind for about a week or two, so much so that I pestered my friends here to watch The Lord of the Rings (again). It seemingly disappeared from my mind the day I said yes. I kept thinking, what a wonderful line? To step out, into the wilderness, knowing that you cannot do it alone, but willing to do so nonetheless.

Another has been the amazing revelation about my desire to work on my strengths, not my skills per-say, but rather what enabled me to acquire those skills, what God has given me to accomplish the tasks that He sets before me (those of you who read my blog regularly will remember the most about this! The most introspective post I have ever written….. ). One of which is the ability to continually pull in more and more information, to continue learning, as much as I can, and the outputting of that in a way that can be understood by others. I actually hinted at this in my last post: Teaching for the VAM 
In a way, if you read those two posts in particular, as well as the FFS one, you can see how God has been slowly getting me ready… I only just saw that actually, how odd… sorry about the link-dropping but yeah, I only just saw that….
Of course there are a number of other things that have led to this moment, some bigger than others, and of course I had 1 Timothy 4 given to me that night while in prayer, as well as miraculous confirmation as said earlier, so God has been good in preparing me for the shock. 
So that really catches you up to where I am now, aside from just the craziness of going home soon! Thank you for those who have been praying over me these past number of weeks, clearly something amazing happened! For those who are asking what the heck this SFM is, check it out here: http://www.createthailand.com/en/training/school-of-frontier-media
Also, I am on the hunt for regular supporters, of any calibre! If you want more info, email me or check out this page: Donations and Giving
God bless guys, and I will see some of you very soon,

Sharing is Caring 😀