“Is the house moving?”


“No…wait. Yes it is. The apartment is moving.”

Surreal. Questioning reality. Wondering how this is really happening and wondering about what it will lead to?

The first thing I thought about—if the building comes down? Is it good to be on the top and tenth floor? Should we go into the doorway? And: I don’t have my passport.

Then I thought about the stories I had heard of people who had died in Haiti during the earthquake a few years prior. I wondered about the quality and architectural stability of the structure.

Suddenly I realized the day had the potential to be radically transformed. Moments like that offer insight. Potential life threatening situations cut through superficial and unimportant things with razor like precision.

What really matters?

Then the swaying ceased. We had met for lunch after church. Some of us were more shaken than others and we decided to go outside the building and eat some fruit near the sea. We walked down the ten levels using the stairs.

We couldn’t find my friend’s left shoe. Here you take your shoes off before entering homes. Her leftie disappeared. When we got to the entry level floor? We found her shoe—it had fallen to the bottom during the movement.

We got to talk to our friends about God. We prayed for our safety and one another. This was a really great opportunity to share the good news about who Jesus is with them. I’m thankful for that small tremor. Thankful that each of us are okay. And thankful for the questions it has provoked.
How are you living? What are you living for? What about afterwards?

Running water from the Waterfalls I got to visit.

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