Is there something wrong with your face?


The classroom was buzzing. Words were flying everywhere! Some English and some not. I could understand, “does she understand our language?” and “look!” As I struggled to make sense of the commotion from the center of the room I heard a sweet voice say:
“Yes?” Was my response paired with eye contact to this individual. She is young, perhaps 20 years old. Long curly hair, bright brown eyes and a sweet smile.
“Your teeth.” She pauses and points to her teeth and jabs her own with her pointer finger for clarity. She sweetly repeats, “Your teeth? Are very nice. Very white. I like your teeth.”
I cannot help it! My very loud Carla laugh sort of ERUPTS from me before I can stop it! I clamp my hands over my mouth—as if that helps! And proceed to laugh more loudly because I am a bit embarrassed at the attention about the way I look and also at my VERY loud response!
Well, I am a blusher.  Whenever I feel slightly embarrassed or awkward my cheeks are a sure tell by their certainty to become bright and rosy red.
Another voice chirps my name. This time from a little bit older woman, “Carla?”
“Yes?” This time a little more tentative.
“Is something wrong… with… your FACE?” Pausing to motion to her own face pointing at her cheeks. “Do you…need…” little pauses between words as she searches for the next ones she wants to use, “Do you need CREAM—for your face? Something wrong?”
Now my face is suddenly a deeper shade of red.
“No….”I croak. “Just a little… embarrassed. Like shy.” Alicia, my sweet and very good friend is just SMILING at me—quite enjoying the silliness!
I just laughed. The teacher proceeded to shut the window and turn on the air conditioner for me. Oh dear! 

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