Istanbul thoughts


Istanbul at night

My first impression of Istanbul? My this is a sleek city. Men are wearing long dark coats, sporting trimmed beards, and shiny black shoes. Denim jeans and sports jackets. I look at myself. And then I look at the other travelers. And I look back at myself again.  I am the one with the REALLY BIG beaten up backpack that looks nearly as big as I am—and that is just on my back. Yes, there is more it doesn’t stop there. Oh no. I also have the overstuffed backpack on my front. Nothing matches. Nothing coordinates. Can I move? Oh yah. My mantra is slow and steady when I travel. The overstuffed bag on my front balances the BIG one on my back. Sometimes I wonder about what sleek travel would be like. Have you ever been a sleek traveler? Maybe your travel gear… matches?  I cannot help but to notice things such as this—it is the art facet of myself!
Once upon a time I thought I was going to be a flight attendant. This was some years ago. For an interview I was flown from Nashville to Atlanta. That was my sleekest travel experience by far. It was one night in a hotel room and I was wearing heels the whole time. Small bag, little purse. Very cute. Polished. How was the trip? I was  nervous—job interview. I was offered a job with the company, but that was when our economy tanked. Do you ever wonder about chances you take? The places you step into knowingly and unknowingly. How decisions impact you, your life, and others. Your unborn children. Your great grand children. At the time? When I didn’t get the job as a flight attendant? I was pretty bummed. This could be the tiniest bit of an understatement as there MAY have been a boatload of tears mourning what could have been, and what almost was.
Looking back? I am so thankful for the path I have walked down instead. Why? I cannot imagine my life without the people I have in it, or not engaging in this God sized adventure! Could I have still gone on a God-sized adventure as a flight attendant? Absolutely. I have a thankful heart for the path behind me and the one before me. Just taking one step at a time. 

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