Just folding some clothes.


Today I woke up slowly today after greeting the wee hours of the night from my hunched-over-my-computer-position staring intensely at the illuminated screen. 

RECENTLY I went on an epic two week adventure. This involved travel to another place in Southeast Asia with a special group of people for the purpose of making a documentary. We weren’t sure the stories we would find, and saw so much hope as we let God lead us. Being in a new place, meeting new people and hearing their life stories was an absolute privilege. 

Special thanks to Kevin for taking this photo of me.

CURRENTLY I’m back in Thailand in the midst of the creative process with a rapidly advancing deadline (Friday)! And you guys? I’m excited for this documentary project to come together.

You see I do this thing where I STRUGGLE with DOUBTING myself and my abilities. So finding excitement and God’s joy as I work on this project is SO special! I easily can become intimidated, and then I don’t even know where to begin! 

After I had a mini melt down and was willing to hear from God? He reminded me this project is about Him.  Then the next steps became easier for me to work towards. God is leading. Yes, even with media projects, stories and documentaries! 

Don’t doubt yourself friend. I challenge you to believe in what God can do through you and boldly embrace opportunities to learn. And, yes, I am saying this to me too.

As a side note I happily report that the growing pile of laundry from last week is no longer a pile but now washed and drying on the line. Yes, God adventures need to encompass time to wash your clothes too! 

Sharing is Caring 😀