Keegan’s take on the proposal


Hey guys!

I am still getting over all the huge changes going on… and I’m sure many still haven’t even caught up! Needless to say, if you’re reading this, you already know about Our Paper Airplane. And you almost certainly know that I recently proposed to Carla! Because many of you are asking, “well, what happened!?” I figured I’d write it all down!

Carla and I had been planning on getting married for some time, we’d begun to pray over where we’d have the wedding(s), we looked at rings, we researched a little on costs, and talked about where we’d live, what family meant, what about kids, all that jazz. Even now we’re going through one of those pre-marriage handbooks.

We had a secret Pinterest board, so clearly we were serious…





So when I’d finally found a ring that I knew she liked, it was really only a matter of buying it and popping the question…. Pity the ring was on the other side of the world in the middle of nowhere on a farm…

It took close to two weeks for the ring to make it to my hands, two weeks of going crazy waiting, and that was only Carla, and she didn’t even know! Finally it pitched up, and I had to wait another few days until we hit the weekend.

On the day, I had a friend take her out immediately after work, giving us from 5:00pm to 6:45 to get ready. Carla’s neighbours helped me set up flowers, candles, twinkly lights, the whole shebang. I also set up a big projector screen which would show a Skype call of Carla’s parents, so that they could watch the proposal, as well as show a video my own family had made.






At 6:15 we got the call, “she’s on her way!” T-minus 10 minutes. At this point I Skype call her parents who were up very early, and immediately my computer, a very old macbook, decides that it can no longer see the wifi. Call dropped. T-minus 5 minutes.

All havoc breaks loose…

Carla actually arrives at this point, so Carra, one of our friends distracts her while we hook up a new computer, get through a tonne of freeze screens, reset a Skype password, and finally get her parents up… It was entertaining I’m sure, but for me, it was a little bit of panic in all honesty… I hadn’t been nervous, until this point!






When Carla finally emerged, her folks were up on the screen, and in front of them, as well as our friends hiding on the balcony above, I proposed. Thankfully, even after all of that, she said yes!








The rest of the night was amazing, we had a lovely outside fancy-picnic. The girls had made desserts and salads, we had cheese and crackers, and every Thai picnic needs 5-Star chicken, so that was there. Wine, and fun, it was a great night to have with our friends.























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