Little Soap Dish


It’s not that I’ve been homeless for the last 3&1/2 years. I’ve been so blessed to serve God around the world and to have strangers, friends, AND family open their homes to me. Now I’m settling in. I’m letting my roots go down deep. 

Friends? It’s a bit scary to make Thailand home. This place is beautiful and I’m falling in love with the people. And… this home is so far away from my home in America. 
And, how do you make a home? Slowly I suppose. This isn’t a word I’m accustomed to having in my vocabulary. Slowly. One plate, or one set of sheets, or one towel at a time.
I spent the equivalent of $10 USD on a bathmat, towel, and soap dish for my bathroom. This felt luxurious! This bathroom is now my favorite spot in the house because it is full of colors I like and things that I think are beautiful.
God is wonderful, isn’t He? The blue striped bathmat feels like a gift from Him and somehow makes that little bathroom feel more like home to me. I’m an odd ball, I know! Its just that the little things are the things we CAN overlook. I can overlook these items. I don’t NEED these bathroom things? And they also seem to matter a lot. Sometimes the little extras are what feel like home. 

Slowly, slowly, God is helping me make a home in Thailand. One step at a time. 

Sharing is Caring 😀