You’ve got mail, and we’re pretty darn excited!

Hello from the Wests!

Recently we’ve been trying to find better ways to include our most faithful supporters in the vision God has for us here in Thailand. Because of that, we’re pretty excited to tell you that you’re getting (or have just recieved) a brand new way that we can communicate with you. There are two parts to this present. The first is a fancy new Google Cardboard headset. The second is secret web page with a tonne of photos you can enjoy. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that you get to experience as much of our lives as you can, without needing to spend a day or more flying in a metal container over an ocean somewhere!

  • Step 1: Build your lovely new VR headset

    Instructions should be included in the package. But if not, you can watch Youtube to help you get all set up.

  • Step 2: Install the Cardboard Camera

    This will let you take your own pictures, as well as see ours when we take them!

  • Step 3: Click the nice icon whenever you see it

    Everytime you see the “Cardboard” icon, click it, and place your phone in the headset.

  • Step 4: Go to the brand new page

    Visit our amazing new SECRET page, that we’ve made just for you! (We’ll also email you when we take new photos 😀 )

We made this just for you. Click me!