My 21st Birthday Sur-braai-se


So on Thursday I hit 21 years old. Pretty nifty, good effort I might add you know, it wasn’t easy, but you grow into these kind of things…. (it’s 1:20am, that was hilarious…)

The day was Tuesday, it wasn’t an amazing day, everything that could go wrong on a Tuesday was most certainly going wrong, work here that day was impossible, so I decided that, seeing as Roy didn’t seem to want to organise anything for my birthday, that I would organize something. I was promptly given the cold shoulder for the suggestion, apparently most people had plans. A braai at Pennys wasn’t interesting enough for people…. Great. Come Wednesday and I’d pretty much forgotten about it, and Roy tells me not to plan anything, that he had decided to get his bum into gear and we where going to Dukes, oh, and I had to wear a blindfold….apparently Jonos idea. Needless to say, that’s typical Jono, so okay.

Come Thursday, I tell them to bugger off, they can wear the blindfold, turns out peer-pressure works and minutes after I had finished work I’m sitting in the Du Prez’s new car with Roy’s shirt wrapped around my face….

We didn’t go to Dukes with five or six of the guys, I ended up being screamed at by practically everyone in my life right now at Penny’s house. Little buggers had used my own suspicions against me.
Absolutely brilliant.
Penny seemed to have moved heaven and earth and thrown, quite seriously, the biggest party I think I’ve had. There are no words to describe the thankfulness that I have right now. It was cool enough to have a party, but it was a braai and all, potato salad, beef, meat, grilled sandwiches, meat, kiwi dip (the secret onion-dip kind), plenty of Thai fruit (like normal fruit, but at a braai it’s different), and meat. I loved every minute of it. Cards galore, even presents, including a cactus for my desk. But it didn’t end there! They then whip out this Google-themed cake in the shape of a 21st Key, and freaking Melktert!

Still it didn’t end, Penny then brings out her laptop, and after promptly turning off Skype and switching to Google+ Hangouts I have my family in a video chat. I never thought I’d ever be in that position. To have my family see everyone in a room like that, it was something special, I will never forget it. They stayed up super late to be involved. My Granny also stayed up, but we couldn’t get a hold of her. Afterward, even though it’s late, everyone still stays and prays over me, giving me words, and advice etc. The day was perfect to say the least.

After most had left, a whole lot of us go and have coffee at a local outdoor mall-type thing. And following that a trip to the pub, for an obligatory 21st beer, tradition is tradition afterall.

Needless to say, my 21st was amazing. I got my key (engraved and shipped from my parents), and my party (easily a month of planning by the lovely Penny, best boss in the world) and to top it all it was done in Thailand, working for my Creator who brought me here. Really, what more could I ever need. I love you all.

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