My Best Friend


Keegan and Carla working on a project together in Myanmar in 2013

Keegan and Carla on a project in Myanmar 2013


Dania and Carla Thailand 2013

Hey guys, this is Carla writing. Ah, this is so darn exciting!! God has brought a wonderful Christian man, and life partner to me. His name is Keegan. Do you notice how love happens both quickly and slowly (here is lil blurb about the proposal). Keegan and I met one another two years ago now. A regular girl from Nashville, Tennessee (USA), who became friends with a boy from Wellington (New Zealand).


Keegan in Thailand 2013

 We slowly moved from acquaintances to friends, and then Keegan began pursuing me. As I type this, I have to pause occasionally to look at the engagement ring sparkling on my left hand. I’m not going to lie, this ring is gorgeous! But even more, is what it symbolizes.


Keegan and Carla 2015

This ring represents the vows Keegan and I will say to one another. I have found that only through God can covenants be honored, and words like forever have any meaning at all.

Keegan is my best friend. He makes me life richer, and points me to God. I am blessed to have him in my life; blessed to share my life with him. Thank you family and friends for keeping us in your prayers as we sort out wedding details and prepare for our upcoming marriage. We love you!

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