Not Alone


(This is a photo from Nepal, Kathmandu in 2013)
The line between living in one place and then moving to another can be a tough transition. 
You are not alone. 
 Many have been on, and currently ARE on this journey of returning.

This is a website recently shared with me. I do not know the people personally who have compiled the sources on this site. They are no expert, but have been on the journey of returning.

The reality of returning and re-entry IS hard. Especially when you are going from one culture to another. My hope is that this website could be a resource for you, or one you could share with friends on the journey of re-entry.

On their website you will find encouraging stories, book recommendations, topics to peruse, and interviews to contemplate I am praying for you friend. God’s got you.

Sharing is Caring šŸ˜€