Off to Nepal


I’m off to Nepal!!

Hey guys! So I’m off with Create Perth to do a project in Nepal. I’ll be over there for a month, which will include a Visa run, which is handy.

As is always, details out in the open beforehand is a bit iffy, so I’ll be updating more on the project whilst there, or when I get back. It will be for an unreached people group though. If you’d like more information, you can email me at

This time will be quite interesting. It’s the first time helping a team that’s not Create Thailand, which is pretty awesome! Plus I’ll get to make a whole lot of new friends. Ben, the leader has been running the SFM, the school I’ll be running from July-December, in Australia for yonks, so I have the added bonus of learning form him whilst there.
The trip is fairly cheap, but I still need to raise the funds! So this time, I’m giving a go, and trying to raise money like that. It’s super easy to give this way, and hopefully, should help! So head on over to: to help support me, and if you can’t give, feel free to share the page!! If you want to know how to give via bank account or PayPal directly, zoot over to here:!contact/c16fm

And as always, prayer is definitely needed! The great thing is , is that I know that you guys are stinking awesome like that!!

Sharing is Caring 😀