One Month Anniversary


Hey Thailand, hey there new country. Hey my new home away from home.
I feel like two different people right now. One of me is SO excited to be back in this country!  And this other part of me is a bit blue about having said, “goodbye,” and, “see you later!” to so many people I love. I imagine my heart as if with the lines and roads and oceans that accompany a map. My heart is probably tattooed like that. The ink on my heart would reveal geographical zones with hearts and stars marking where loved ones live. Technology helps with bridging those gaps, oceans, and divides.
Adventure is a word I tend to use liberally. Its true. Sometimes people roll their eyes, but I don’t care. The way I see the world, my perception, informs how I see things. Your perception informs how you view the world. Some of those Influences include our upbringing, culture, faith, friends, and media (to name just a few). Seeing adventure in the midst of the mundane is a choice I make. I choose to find the fun, silly. I want to see the ridiculous. Adding adventure to anything, even things as ordinary as a grocery trip, ensures smiles come along for the ride too. Locating the baking soda at the grocery store, or finding an apartment to live in have the potential to be burdensome pains in the b-u-t-t… or? These can become opportunities. I wonder who I might meet, and alternatively if I will actually find the object I am seeking. The thing is, when I give myself permission to enjoy the journey, I see more of God. And he is so good.
I do feel a bit melancholy as of late. And, I am actively choosing to enjoy the adventure before me. While I was driving my red motorbike around the city seeking out a place to live, and while navigating the many facets of acquiring my Thai driver’s license. I’m even doing victory dances as I remember the words for chicken and rice and the verb to go. 
Thailand you are a beautiful country full of wonderful people.
And? America I miss you.

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