Predestination was doomed from the start


I’m almost as bad at regularly blogging as I am with keeping a  journal…

So Roy and I went to Malaysia and back, and I didn’t really write anything about it. Namely because I just never got a round to it, but also because nothing really happened, which is a good thing. We flew to Hat Yai, took a van across the border into Malaysia, no problems, and got to our hostel the same day we left. The next day we applied for the Visa, which is when we had our only hiccup. SO I practically planned this whole trip for us, organizing as much as was physically possible to organise, and was it it Roy who leaves his stuff at the border, nope, it was me. N00b. Anywhoo, at the consulate I met this amazing guy who pulls up in his car, and unpacks from his boot printing/copying gear for paper, as well as photographic paper, plus he takes passport photos, brilliant idea. So I used him a bit, which meant that really, no issues. The next day we get our Visas, and the next evening we are back at home, just a bit too late for Kalisa’s cooking.

Pictures of our escapade can be found here: Pictures! Whoo!!

Since then I have been working on the website for secretprojectwecan’ttalkabout. This was my first time setting up a website, and I must admit it’s been pretty good. It’s been hard, it’s like speaking another language, to people who assume you speak the language, but nevertheless I’ve gotten by. There is plenty “wrong” but for this particular project, she’ll be right. Today I will be cleaning up what I’ve done, and starting the process of setting up the Youtube channel. 

It’s great to be able to work for the glory of God, it’s cliché but just imagine what the first believers could have done with all the resources we have available now. I’m blessed to be able to use my skills and my mind for the advancement of the Kingdom. Thank you for those that have emailed me, I love getting letters, digital ones are as good as those funny paper things.
God bless,

Sharing is Caring 😀