Screams at Midday


Iced coffee.

Less than one US$Dollar, typically averaging 25B.

Every day doesn’t necessitate this delicious nectar. The saltiness in my mouth from my broccoli and cauliflower stir-fry would not be dissuaded by the water I drank.  As if I needed more of a reason, I rationalized that I also got my Thai motorcycle license that day. Thus today would be a perfect day for iced coffee. In fact, it was a celebration AND a needed taste-bud relief.

I order in broken Thai: “One iced coffee to go.” 

The delicious coffee, ice, sweeteneed-condensed milk mixture is placed into my eager hands.

I sip the first sip. Mmmmm! Soooo good! The heat from the 90 degree day and the ice are a merry-go-round in my mouth. Moments before I had adventurously (mistakenly?) taken a bite of what I can only describe as an old pickled apricot. 


After this sweet sip of honied nectar I feel something brush against my calf. Like little sticks, so I rapidly spin around to see what had just touched me.

But… there is nothing. Nothing behind me and nothing on my leg.

I have quite an imagination. Okay. No big deal. Waiting for my companions to get their drinks so we can return to the office.

While I am waiting and blaming myself for my overactive imagination I feel that same light scratching again. 

This sensation is like a dry head of wheat brushing against your skin. Only, this time its on my hand! My right hand, unfortunately, also happens to be holding my iced coffee. 

What was touching my hand?

A cockroach! A GIANT COCKROACH!!!

I yelp! I scream. I shriek!

I throw my hands into the air like a little girl. I did!

The coffee is thrust, forgotten, into the air and the SMACKS against the side of the cafe stall. Then that drink crashes to the ground.  Coffee and ice running and melting down the shallow incline right into the street gutter.

My friend promptly and boldly squashes the cockroach.


Then she says, “I think they are attracted to you!”

Double gross! I laugh my nervous laugh. Apologize. And mourn the untimely death of my coffee.

The Thai lady, who runs the outdoor cafe stall giggles, once she realizes what has happened, says: “no problem,” in Thai. 

She makes me a new coffee and at no charge.

Coffee is definitely a love language of mine. This plus the addition of the cockroach has solidified our relationship. I will be sure to get to know the coffee lady more! 

Hilarious. Embarrassing. Sometimes your coffee lands on the ground instead of in your belly.

Thanking God for smiles, friendships and stories you can laugh at later.

Sharing is Caring 😀