slowly, slowly


I will never tire of singing God’s praises. Wow! I’m remember back three months ago when the first local friend came over. I was SO nervous!! What if… I… *gasp* did something wrong? Was the tea ready? How many pairs of slippers might be needed? (My friend makes me wear slippers when she comes over! I adore her!)
Today two of my friends came over for tea and painting! We had SUCH A WONDERFUL time together. As time here progresses I feel myself less and less in a rush. Still I strive to be one time but… the edges of that get a little blurry sometimes. Today was a cafe day and I worked until 2. They were supposed to get to my house at 2:30PM. When it was 3PM and my sweet, silly, and lovey friends hadn’t yet arrived? I didn’t get antsy or bat an eye. Their word had been given and I knew they would be here soon enough. Guess what? They were.
Instead of impatiently or embarrassingly mumbling “never mind” I spent ten minutes explaining the “pin the tail on the donkey game”! 
We talked and talked, drank tea, ate snackies and painted from 3PM until 7PM. I was surprised it was already that late! These findings in my heart, a little more ease in the day to day flow? Makes me smile. I like finding these new puzzle pieces that are making up who I am. 
Flowers that had been thrown away– they are still so beautiful so I brought them home!

A little fuzzy– but this was us painting together this afternoon! Snacks  with flowers and fruit to paint!

I was painting a sample poster for some upcoming face painting at the local church! Butterfly or cowboy hat anyone?

Go-go-gadget arm! My shortie was the longest between us! 

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