snip, snip. now small hair!


Faithfulness. Finally the time came that I could stand my semi- long -short -hair no longer, and sought out to get my hair cut. There are a number of people that want to get their hair cut, and I confess that group activities can sometimes be a little frustrating for me. I love to be in a group, especially our school. And? I really treasure the small, more intimate, interactions with people. A group of two perhaps, or when I go by myself—then I actually interact with the places and people that I come into contact with. Otherwise, I notice I get caught up with the group and navigating, ect. On this particular adventure I went without the group.
The Kuafore (hair salon) where I got my hair cut previously, did a GREAT job.  I really wanted to go back there… but could not find this place again! So, I went into the first hair place I saw that had women working there. Someone living in Turkey had told me traditionally men cut hair. Even for women. So I was really excited to see a group of Turkish women running a salon. Their shop was the one I chose.
Prior to my haircut I spent quite a bit of time selecting a photograph of my ideal haircut for her to work from. The salon was not as nice, and the hair cut was not as good BUT I really liked these women.  The three were all younger than me. An assistant washed my hair as another assistant– seemingly in training– looked on. I drank nescafe and asked them about their families while my hair was cut. All of a sudden the hair on the sides of my head got very “small”!! Small was the English word they used instead of short. This was cute, and I know I do the exact same thing with adjectives in Turkish! So, I was washed, got my hair cut and styled, and then photographed. I think Samren really liked how my hair turned out, even if I thought it had gotten a wee short on either side.
Before I left I was asking them about make-up. This really blessed me: they did not sell make up there. That would have been the end in many places right? Not here, they took me around the block and down the street to the cosmetic store.  The above and beyond, and the faithfulness to follow through. Seeing God in every culture.   

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